featured2 - Complete Guide: Everything You Need to Know About USMA Substance Abuse Ministries

Complete Guide: Everything You Need to Know About USMA Substance Abuse Ministries

Alcohol and drug abuse have become a growing problem all across the globe, with abuse figures and statistics skyrocketing over the past couple of years. As the Methodist church and Christianity as a whole do not condone any type of substance abuse or usage of that matter, we have taken it upon ourselves to help our brothers and sisters with these problems.

At USMA, we treat each other and above all our brothers and sisters who lost their way with the same love and respect everyone deserves, making no exception for anyone. We strive for unity and love in our Lord and Savior, the guiding shepherd who keeps us all bonded by humility and humanity. In this article, we discover all the details on why the USMA support, run, and fund Substance Abuse ministries, how we do so, our aim, vision,and mission, as well as other details regarding these ministries.


Our View on Substance Abuse

11 - Complete Guide: Everything You Need to Know About USMA Substance Abuse Ministries

As Christians and followers of the Methodist ways, we believe in abstinence of any substance use, whether social or not. We abstain from partaking in such acts as we believe in the freedom of the soul and our provider’s love for humankind. This is also our approach with these ministries. We aim to support those persons with substance dependency issues and provide them with the necessary tools to overcome these addictions, through the strength, courage, and love of Christ. Our brothers and sisters with substance abuse problems have families that also need comfort and support during these times, and our ministry aims to provide them with this relief.

As opposed to the government, the USMA aims to support victims of substance abuse and takes on an integrated approach where we focus on not only the prevention of substance abuse but also on rehabilitating members of our community and their families. We believe that all responsible employers should require all current and prospective employee’s to pass a drug test for illegal substances.

It is our call to serve our God and nurture our brothers and sisters who lost their way in this troubling world by guiding them back to God’s greater purpose for them. With this approach, we aim to reach a lot of people in our community, and provide them with the most appropriate support and care to assist them to overcome their obstacle.

Drug and substance abuse has long been overlooked and pushed to the curb, instead of dealing with the issue and placing an overall negative label on substance abuse, which in most cases just add to the problem, we aim to approach the issue with the love and understanding our savior has instructed us to. The severity of the problem should however not be taken lightly. In the list below, we take a closer look at how we approach each substance, illegal or legal, and how we advocate against the use and distribution of it.



12 - Complete Guide: Everything You Need to Know About USMA Substance Abuse Ministries

Drugs in any shape or form are harmful, whether pharmaceutical, natural, or hallucinogenic. As previously mentioned, at USMA we take on an inclusive approach when dealing with substance abuse, and even pharmaceuticals for sale over the counter makes the list here.

As Methodist Christians, we do not believe in the use of recreational drugs, and we take a very strong standing on the use of prescribed drugs too. Due to the nature of the availability of prescribed drugs, there is no way for us to control the issue of taking these medications properly and as prescribed by pharmacists or doctors. The taking of medication in conjunction with other substances have a negative and lasting effect on brothers and sisters who’ve lost their way, and a lot of the prescribed drugs out there have properties to make people addicted to it. Even though we cannot control how these medications are taken, we stand by the law and medical practitioners view on the consumption of prescription drugs in conjunction with other harmful substances such as alcohol or harmful drugs.

Drugs used for recreational purposes are not condoned by the USMA, and include the following:

  • Marijuana
  • Sedatives and Stimulants
  • Narcotics
  • Hallucinogens

In most cases, the abovementioned substances are prescribed by a medical doctor to be taken for a specific illness. In this case, we acknowledge the correct usage of these medications, in the correct prescribed amounts. In no way does USMA promote or support the abuse or the use for recreational purposes of harmful drugs.

Due to the nature of the drugs listed above, using them for any other purposes than health concerns will result in the deterioration of mental and physical health of the person partaking in such activities. As we see our bodies as the church of Christ, polluting it with harmful substances and drugs can cause detrimental and irreversible harm by using these drugs incorrectly and in great volumes. It is therefore seen as a sin, as we are placed on this earth to live a full and fulfilled life, in great health and spread the love and gospel to our brothers and sisters.

Even though our values are very strong in terms of the abuse of drugs, we aim to assist and support those affected by this. By informing and educating our brothers and sisters, we aim to prevent such circumstances. By aiding those suffering from addiction with rehabilitation facilities, guidance, and support, we aim to intervene and treat such addictions.


Alcoholic Beverages

13 - Complete Guide: Everything You Need to Know About USMA Substance Abuse Ministries

Even though legal, alcohol is also an addictive substance and the cause of many family disputes, domestic violence,and even death. It is astonishing that such a fatal substance is legal and available for sale anywhere and in some states even to minors. We live in a world where substance abuse and specifically alcohol abuse is boosted by marketing campaigns, spreading the message that it is an acceptable social behavior to drink. These messages reach the very impressionable youth and can have a very negative impact on their perception of this very dangerous substance. In most advertisements, it is portrayed as a harmful drink, to enjoy and wind down, when in fact it can cause a lot of problems, including health issues.

We do not agree with these values and abstain from drinking any alcoholic beverages. Therefore, we urge marketing agencies and legislation to be tightened up in order to prevent the abuse of alcohol. Alcohol also has addictive properties and taken in conjunction with harmful drugs, can be detrimental to one’s health. The dangers of this substance are not explicitly stated in current advertising campaigns, and we aim to change that.

By hosting educational talks on the effects of substance abuse, and alcohol abuse,in particular, we aim to prevent this terrible epidemic raging through our country. We also offer multiple support groups and councilors to assist those suffering from or recovering from alcohol abuse and counsel their families too. Substance abuse is an evil that spreads its fingers into the widest corners, affecting not only your body and mind but those around you who care for and love you most.


Cigarettes and other Tobacco Products

Considered as one of the most addictive substances out there, cigarettes and tobacco smoke is one of the deadliest. Those who suffer from tobacco addiction are prone to diseases such as cancer, emphysema, and tuberculosis to name but a few. Smoking actively places your body, the temple of God at risk of getting sick, which is against our beliefs.

Due to the fact that this is a legal substance, it is almost impossible to actively combat its reach and influence. Even though we would prefer the selling and consumption of such products to be banned completely, we have decided to stand against the advertisement of such products on all channels, and that the effects of using these products be stipulated on the packaging.

We also encourage legislation to be adapted and encourage tobacco producers to enter another agricultural field, increase the prices of these products to make it more difficult to purchase, and we are willing to fund the development of campaigns to educate and inform the public about the dangers of smoking tobacco products in order to prevent the use of it. Additionally, we urge the government to further scientific studies on the addiction of nicotine and its effects. This will guide researchers in the right way of how to discourage smoking of tobacco products and assist brothers and sisters who wish to quit.

We have a lot of material available on how we aim to prevent substance abuse, how we wish to intervene and treat our brothers and sisters suffering from it, and how we support them and their families on their road to recovery. Remember, we are not against one another, but for one another in love, with the loving guidance of our savior, we can accomplish anything. We would never promote the ill-treatment of any person suffering from any kind of substance abuse and believe that by treating our brothers and sisters with love and respect is the first step to take on the journey of recovery. Please get in touch with us by seeing our home page if you would like some more information or if you would like to learn about opportunities in being an active member.

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