Programs and Services

s2 - Programs and Services

At USMA we offer our members a ton of benefits with fantastic programs and services that will add to enhancing your life and spiritual experience. Nurture your soul with brothers and sisters of the US Ministry Association, by joining or contributing to any of our programs or services listed here.


Member Savings Opportunities

We’ve partnered up with local businesses and can offer you and your loved ones’ savings at your favorite stores. Whether you are the breadwinner of a household or retired and living in an old age home, you will find loads of benefits with these saving opportunities offered by our accredited partners.


Substance Abuse Ministries

We offer help and guidance to those souls who lost their way on the path to righteousness. Our Substance Abuse Ministries offer those in need of rehabilitation and rebirth space where they are loved wholly and supported in faith and belief.


Youth Ministries

Our Youth Ministries aim to enlighten and educate the youth of our community in all things related to living in faith and love and becoming the best adults, they possibly can. We also offer tertiary education bursaries and encourage our youth to further their studies in the ministry to become true disciples of our Lord and Savior.


Community Service Ministries

Nothing brings us greater joy than serving our community the best way we can. Whether we assist by keeping our streets protected or cleaned up, or by helping out at soup kitchens, we love serving our brothers and sisters in Christ. We believe in the power of community and aim to bring this message to those not yet members of our association.

These are but a few of the programs and services at the US Ministry Association. We believe in the unity of community and spreading the love of others by serving. Please feel free to contact us for more information on these or any other programs and services of the USMA.