featured9 - Introducing USMA Healthcare Ministries: Packing a Punch to Healthcare Availability Near You

Introducing USMA Healthcare Ministries: Packing a Punch to Healthcare Availability Near You

Healthcare is one of the biggest concerns in our country and around the globe, to be frank. A lot of our brothers and sisters do not have the financial means to afford proper healthcare or are physically unable to visit medical centers for chronic medication. Some cannot afford medication.

At USMA, we believe in overall health, which includes spiritual, mental, and physical health. If one of these elements are not taken care of, it is sure to affect the other. Keeping your spirit high and full of love for the gospel and our god is important for your spiritual wellbeing. But, in order for you to remain healthy, you need to take care of your body in a similar way.

Our healthcare ministry aims to assist those who cannot afford healthcare services otherwise by making it accessible to them. This is achieved by multiple grants and funds given by other brothers and sisters. We aim to keep our brothers and sisters healthy, in every way.


Parenting and Family Support

For those families who are unable to afford medical aid and other expensive medical services, we aim to support them with the necessary funds and grants to assist in their medical expenses. Support is given in terms of family planning, pregnancy, and other family healthcare issues.



We aim to further develop and encourage healthcare education in our communities by way of hosting insightful and educational courses to all those who need education with regards to healthcare.


Support for Retirees

Pensioners and those who are retired are often overlooked when it comes to healthcare, and this is one of our main objectives – to provide health care support to the elderly and those who cannot afford expensive medical plans and costs.


Spiritual Healthcare

By bringing our greater goal of serving our Lord and savior together with this initiative, we bring spiritual wellbeing and services as well as physical healthcare to those in need – spreading the love for our brothers and sisters in unity.


Partnering up

By partnering up with larger organizations, we are able to reach our goals and bring much-needed medical services to those who are in desperate need. We also encourage our brothers and sisters who are able to act as sponsors and events are held frequently of which the funds raised are used to fund this initiative and aid those in need.

There are many people on this planet who are in need of professional healthcare services and are not able to cough up the expensive costs to cover procedures. By joining us and supporting this initiative, together we are able to spread the love and the word further, by helping other brothers and sisters in need.


info2 - Introducing USMA Healthcare Ministries: Packing a Punch to Healthcare Availability Near You
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