featured3 - 5 Things You Need to Know About USMAs Youth Ministries

5 Things You Need to Know About USMAs Youth Ministries

One of the exciting parts of being a USMA member is the possibility to grow and serve our brothers and sisters in the community. We have loads of ministries for doing just that, and we always encourage our members to take part in these ministries as they not only enrich our lives, but those of our fellow humans not part of the Methodist church, and even those who have never heard the gospel before.

In this article we will discuss everything you need to know about our Youth ministries, why you should become part as an active member, and how the youth ministry serves our community in ways that enrich the lives of each and every young person in our community.


1. Cultivating Fishermen for Jesus

Our youth ministries are an open platform for existing young USMA members as well as those looking for peace and solace in God’s open arms. We welcome those with a thirst for the gospel and willing to learn how to serve brothers and sisters in Christ.


2. Giving a Platform to Engage

Everyone needs to socialize and this cannot be truer for younger folk. Our youth ministries act as a networking platform where they can interact with their peers, learn from one another, connect and rejoice in the gospel.


3. Acknowledge the Youth

Our youth ministries aim to emphasize the importance of cultivating a love for others and our God in the youth as a living testament to God’s love for all people, especially the youth. We aim to empower the youth with the knowledge that they too have a voice and a place in this world where they are heard.


4. Be the Voice of the Youth

Not only do we aim to empower and nurture the youth, we also aim to uplift them and bring the importance of their existence and place in the church under the attention of everyone at USMA. The youth ministries act as a platform where youth concerns and issues are discussed and gives us the opportunity to address these issues and concerns with the church and public if and where necessary.


5. Empower the Youth

These ministries are also a recognized tool to empower the youth with the knowledge and skills to be true disciples and spread the gospel, by speech and by love, in the world we live in. We aim to evoke a deeper understanding of brotherly love, by example as well as courses, and encourage our youth to be the example of pure love.

If you would like to get involved with our youth ministries either as a leader or as a member or would like to refer someone you know, please get in contact with one of our clergy members, who will be able to assist and give you all the necessary details.

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