featured4 - 4 Ways to Live the Best Life Possible by Joining Our Women’s Ministries

4 Ways to Live the Best Life Possible by Joining Our Women’s Ministries

Here at USMA, we strive to uplift our communities, whether it is within our own community or far away. Nothing is impossible and there is no limit on the distance of God’s grace and love, as we know, it can light up even the darkest of places. Serving our sisters with the love and grace of our Lord and Savior is what brings us all together in unity.

We hold to our mission and values with strength and tenacity and believe that by serving and supporting our sisters through Christ, will strengthen not only our beliefs but also those of others who experience the solitude and greatness of God through our support. In this article we will focus on how serving your sisters through one of the USMA women’s ministries will improve our own lives. If you are not currently participating in any of these ministries, we hope that by the end of the article you will be convinced to join.


Experience the Wholeness of God’s unwavering Love

Serving your sisters will enhance your relationship with our Lord and Savior in such a way that you have never experienced his love and grace before. By offering your time, support, and love, you will experience community and togetherness in Christ.


Empower Your Sisters to Become Disciples

Our women’s ministries are a perfect place for you to commit to and garner sisters for following and becoming a part of our community in Christ. As one of our sisters, you can expect to experience a whole new level of accomplishment and love.


Giving Hope and Inspiration

Giving hope and inspiration to those sisters in other countries where they do not have hope or a voice for that matter will evoke a feeling of togetherness and oneness with not only your brethren, but also with our heavenly father. This strong bond will offer you strength and courage to get through the stormy days of our lives.


Spreading the word and love even further

By giving your time, love, and support to those communities and sisters who are unable to enjoy the fulfilment we experience with our relationship with our lord otherwise, you are empowering them to spread the love and support and the gospel to their communities – giving you strength and courage to continue growing with others and nurturing your relationship with our savior.

Our mission goes further than just supporting other women and includes giving the love and support minorities and other parties need in the struggle of daily existence. We also aim to support childcare and pregnant women, families, and those suffering from abuse. By joining one of our women’s ministries and becoming an active participant, you are able to change others’ lives, and in turn, your own.

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