featured8 - 3 Things You Did Not Know About USMAs Persons with Disabilities Ministries

3 Things You Did Not Know About USMAs Persons with Disabilities Ministries

Have you ever noticed how very little Methodist churches have facilities for persons with disabilities? Or how difficult it is for people in wheelchairs to access our churches? This is but one of this specific ministry’s aim. In this post we look at what it is we aim to accomplish with our Persons with Disabilities Ministry. We hope that you will be inspired to join this initiative and make churches more accessible for all our brothers and sisters as soon as you have read it.


Creating a Voice and Awareness

Due to the fact that so little churches have accessible venues for persons with disabilities and the fact that a lot of persons with disabilities are unable to go to church, we aim to create awareness of this problem and give our brothers and sisters a voice in the church. A voice that will be acknowledged and heard.

Promoting Acceptance

In our faith, we believe that each one of us is equal and made to perfection in God’s eyes. A lot of times however in society, people with disabilities are not treated with the same love and care than those who do not have a disability. We aim to create awareness and promote acceptance of all God’s children in the eyes of fellow brothers and sisters as well as the society we live in. Persons with disabilities should have the same amount of opportunities and get just as much acknowledgment and respect as any of us.


Creating a Platform for Faith

With our ministry, we hope to educate and inspire everyone and supply persons with disabilities with the necessary support and education to become disciples of God. Through multiple courses, events,and conventions, we are able to create a platform of faith and acceptance for everyone and where everyone can become a disciple ofGod and the church. We hope to inspire persons with disabilities to become leaders in faith and inspire other brothers and sisters to join us.

By adhering to these three aspects, we hope to achieve our goal and have an open platform that is available and accessible to everyone from all walks of life, young and old, sick and healthy, poor and rich, to all take comfort in the joy knowing that we are saved and loved by our god and savior in who we are united. We invite you to join us and to make any contribution you are able to further grow this initiative and ensure everyone is able to rejoice in serving our God.

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