featured6 - 5 Things We Learned at the UMA Spirit-Centered Leadership Convention

5 Things We Learned at the UMA Spirit-Centered Leadership Convention

If you couldn’t make it to our annual convention, you sure missed out! It was a beautiful event and attended well by fellow brothers and sister who, like you, wish to enrich their lives further by learning the teachings of the gospel, and how to apply it in today’s life with a newly developed leadership trend.

Spirit-centered leadership is based on the principle that we, as God’s disciples, have the strength and ability to ourselves to be the change we wish to accomplish in the world we live in today. We are often times bogged down by things that take place and feel that life throws it at us, or question why God allows these things to happen. Spirit-centered leadership takes this selfish notion out of the equation and assists us to achieve our full potential in becoming and living the gospel through accepting that we, as individuals, have the power to be the change.


Here’s what you missed:


A common principle that we hear about a lot, but most struggle with, is forgiveness. Forgiving others but also forgiving ourselves. When we let go of negative emotions and forgive others the way we wish to be forgiven by them, we clear the path and we are one step closer to achieving pure spirit-centered leadership and gaining more disciples for our community.



We should never underestimate the power of prayer. This is our communication stream and connection point to our savior but also to others. It connects us to one another in a very intimate way when we pray for one another actively.



By giving hope, support, love, we are giving these gifts to ourselves too. Giving to others is key to achieving ultimate balance and experiencing that open connection to god. It also opens us up to receiving god’s graces. Giving can also be accomplished by giving the gift of the gospel, but living the gospel is the true gift, as others will notice this inside of us.



Being grateful for what we have, and what we have in one another as a community will bring us yet another step closer to achieving greatness in becoming spirit-centered leaders. Practicing gratitude actively on a daily basis will add so much to your daily experiences, and in turn, you will experience the grace of God in a whole different way. Practicing gratitude also opens the door of opportunity for giving to those less fortunate and caring for our brothers and sisters in our community.


Be the Change

Finally, the last point discussed was the possibility of becoming a change agent, someone who lives the gospel and offers themselves to the service of others selflessly and righteously. This is accomplished by following the points discussed above.

The event was concluded by a beautiful service and delicious luncheon. Be sure to attend our event this year as you will learn more about how you can live the gospel to the fullest, and have a fulfilled and happy life in 2018.