company 300x300 - AboutWelcome to the official site of the US Ministry Association, where united we serve our community in faith and support. We’re dedicated to serving our Lord and Savior and bringing support and care to communities that are in need of the kindness and unity that can only be experienced with the love of Christ. Through this love, we act in bringing much-needed ministries aimed at serving our brothers and sisters with care and humility.

Established in 2008 by Betty Rhodes, the USMA aims to bring our Methodist community together in Christ and serve the good people of our district in the best possible way in the form of dedicated ministries.

We encourage members of the Methodist US Ministry Association to become a part of our ministries and assist in bringing love and aid to those in need. Ministries we administer include Substance Abuse, Youth, Men’s, Women’s, Persons with Disabilities and Community Service ministries, to name but a few. Each ministry is directed and run by a dedicated USMA member, who oversees the general day-to-day administration of the ministry and ensures we meet our commitments.

Our website is directed at anyone who wishes to join our association, whether in financial support or becoming a dedicated supporter offering time and manpower to help us assist our brothers and sisters in need. Read more details on all the different ministries on our blog.

We would like to welcome everyone with open arms – our doors are always open to anyone in need or to those seeking spiritual unity.